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Sometimes I wonder

Right now, they’re poking their fingers in the dirt beneath a crepe myrtle tree at the park by our house. A moment ago, they were running free on the great lawn beside the playground. As the warm May sun filters … Continue reading

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Watching Waiting Testing Hoping

Our boys spend a lot of time watching what we do. They wait to see how we handle situations. They test to provoke responses and to prove boundaries. And, they hope for better days in this house that is at … Continue reading

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Adoption. The A-word. The permanency plan. We can finally, officially start talking about it. Our initial questionaire was accepted today, our file has been transfered to the adoption folks and we are set to go down this road. Just don’t … Continue reading

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Jesus and Santa

I thought we were done with Christmas stuff. But no. On Thursday evening, as I’m bringing the boys home from pre-school (well, after school care for Older One), a discussion erupts in the car. I later determined that it was … Continue reading

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Three Little Words

I read alot for work, so I don’t do as much as I would like on my own time. And, when I do, it’s usually on a lounge chair at the beach reading a Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn paperback, something along … Continue reading

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