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Support: Fuel For The Journey

Recently, I was part of a conversation with several families on the foster/adoption journey. All mentioned the thing that discouraged them the most was a feeling that they were in this alone. This shouldn’t be. At the least, we should … Continue reading

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War Stories

In my professional life, the sharing of experiences and case studies is called swapping war stories. I work in an industry that involves crisis and emergency management, lending to some very interesting experiences. Sometime, you feel as if you’re the … Continue reading

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Eeyore or Plastic?

I’ve come to dread the question, “How are you all doing?”  I have a feeling many of my fellow foster parents can agree. For me, it starts the internal debate on which answer should I give.  Depending on the day, honesty … Continue reading

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Things I Didn’t Use To Say

My wife has a tough job. I think about this on the days when she goes to work early and I have to get them up, dressed, ready, out the door and on to school. This morning we were running … Continue reading

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Watching Waiting Testing Hoping

Our boys spend a lot of time watching what we do. They wait to see how we handle situations. They test to provoke responses and to prove boundaries. And, they hope for better days in this house that is at … Continue reading

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