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My Heros Are Short

My heros are short. They live in my house and eat my food. And that’s perfectly ok! Continue reading

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When Time Stands Still

Boys socks are gross. But matching them keeps you busy while waiting for the call. Continue reading

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Support: Fuel For The Journey

Recently, I was part of a conversation with several families on the foster/adoption journey. All mentioned the thing that discouraged them the most was a feeling that they were in this alone. This shouldn’t be. At the least, we should … Continue reading

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Busting the “Rotten Kid” Myth

Years ago when we were starting our foster care journey, a mentor took me in his office and closed the door. “I’m really not understanding why you want to do this,” he said. “Those kids are in care of the … Continue reading

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The Sun Is Up! An Adventure in Respite Care

“The Sun is Up! It’s Time to Play.” Those are jarring words. Especially at 6:XX in the morning. In hour house, 6 something doesn’t need any more numbers. Too doggone early. But this week, the little bitty package shouting those … Continue reading

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