Misadventures with Santa Claus

Oh how the child-like wonder of visiting Santa Claus fades when carting two non-believing older kids and a way-excited little man to the mall on the Sunday before Christmas. Yes, I said it. I went to the mall. Willingly. What was I thinking?? Continue reading

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Family of Five

It’s been a little over 24 hours since our newest addition walked into our home. We’re officially a Party of Five. Yes, this is the same little guy we blogged about last week.

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In His Best Interest

So, that last blog? Yeah. The part where we said that we may get a call that the placement wouldn’t happen? Well that didn’t exactly happen. This placement is now up in the air. And we’re totally, 100% absolutely ok with that. Continue reading

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Change is Coming…

There’s really good chance. A very likely possibility. More than not I’m pretty sure that by tomorrow at this time, we’ll be a family of five. That’s as certain as we can get in this journey that we’re on. But, we’re excited and ready for this new chapter to begin. Continue reading

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His Love Never Fails, Never Gives Up On Me

Right at the end of dinner, when all seems to be going well. Right before the final bites, when we’re starting to give the post-meal directions. Right when we’re looking at the clock, wondering how time went so fast and we had to be ready to go basketball practice. Right then, our old friend Tantrum showed up.  Continue reading

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