I’ll add to this over time, but here’s a start to some of the frequently asked questions we recieve. Leave a comment with your question and we’ll answer it.

Why are you fostering?

My wife and I are unsure if we will have natural children. We may, we may not. Regardless, we’re in a season of our life where we have the heart, home and love to do this.

Do you get paid?

We recieve a monthly stipend from County. It helps, but in no ways fulfills all the financial needs of our children. If the larger question is, “are you doing this for money,” the answer is absolutely not. There’s not a paycheck in the world big enough to compensate for the time, energy and emotions that come with raising foster children.

What kind of training do you recieve?

It varies from county to county, state to state. Our county requires a 10 week, 40 hour class, lots of applications, several interviews and home visits, detailed background and reference checks and ongoing in-service training and continuing education credits.

Do you get to pick the child?

We give the social workers an age range and work with them to determine our skill set. If you’re asking about gender or race, that is allowed, but we don’t have a preference listed. If there’s a child in need that we have the scope of abilities to care for, what does it matter what they look like or if they’re a boy or girl. For us, our age range is 6 weeks to 5 years old.


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