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Community: What We Didn’t Know We Needed Most

On Valentine’s Day 2017 my beautiful wife and myself headed out for the evening. The two boys in the backseat indicated that it wasn’t for a romantic date. As we turned off the rural highway onto a long gravel road, … Continue reading

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Be Kind To Yourself

Yeah, ok, it’s been 8 months since I last wrote a blog. I have grand plans of relaunching this thing ya’ll. But, this came to mind and I thought to write about it. I’ve said before that one of the … Continue reading

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Why We Fight

Why do we fight? Why turn our lives upside down for a child we barely know? Why do my wife and I spend days apart? What is the point, if the court’s point is reunification? Why put our other children … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Gallery

Everyone should spend a day in family court. Not participating, but observing. I did today. Unintentionally. The case for one of our kiddos was up for review in a distant county. And, in this court, you are luck of the … Continue reading

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A Phrase. A Scream. A Wink. — A Glimpse of Redemption.

In the span of a few hours on Good Friday, we saw the full spectrum of foster care. And were reminded of redemption. Continue reading

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