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Toilet Tank Thinking

Let’s talk about the potty, shall we? There are three things the toilet tank should never be. First, a photo gallery. Aunt Lois should never be staring at you as you exercise bladder management. Second. A beach. (sorry mom). Third, … Continue reading

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Avoiding Trench Foot: Learning to Be OK With Self Care

I used to hate the concept of self care. But, I really had to come to learn to love it. Now, I’m so thankful. Continue reading

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Sometimes I wonder

Right now, they’re poking their fingers in the dirt beneath a crepe myrtle tree at the park by our house. A moment ago, they were running free on the great lawn beside the playground. As the warm May sun filters … Continue reading

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Seasons Change

It’s a cold, cold dreary week where we live. Yesterday, I staffed an event outside for two hours in pouring sleet. In April. Yuck. Yesterday it was Fall, Winter felt here for a decade and it looks like we may … Continue reading

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Brokenness Aside

A few days ago, I hit one of my lowest points in this journey. In thought and in prayer I asked “what are we doing, we can’t keep going like this.”  Thinking about this, I penned a long e-mail to … Continue reading

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