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My Heros Are Short

My heros are short. They live in my house and eat my food. And that’s perfectly ok! Continue reading

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Support: Fuel For The Journey

Recently, I was part of a conversation with several families on the foster/adoption journey. All mentioned the thing that discouraged them the most was a feeling that they were in this alone. This shouldn’t be. At the least, we should … Continue reading

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Busting the “Rotten Kid” Myth

Years ago when we were starting our foster care journey, a mentor took me in his office and closed the door. “I’m really not understanding why you want to do this,” he said. “Those kids are in care of the … Continue reading

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The Big Meeting

Twenty years ago, the room may have been nice. But, today it smelled like pee. High above the surrounding streets, we entered the conference room at county social services today. Half the room was floor-to-ceiling glass with ancient vertical blinds. … Continue reading

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TPR: Passing the Tipping Point

Today was a bittersweet day for us. Our hearts, minds and prayers were on the other side of town with our dear friends who lost their newborn yesterday. These were the people, if you recall, that I asked for prayers … Continue reading

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