In. The. Zone.

So, it’s been a while since the last post, but it’s been quiet and no use making things up just to post something. We’ve been quietly waiting through the 60-day waiting period. Not much action to report. But…

We are now in the zone! Eh? We’ve past the 60 days that we’ve had to wait for our license to be reviewed by the state. This now means that we are free to hear about our status.. at any moment. And, at any moment, we could get the call: “Your license has been approved.. and we have a child that needs a home.”

Or, we could get approved and have to wait for another few days, weeks, months before we recieve our first placement.  Or, we could recieve a denial. And there’s a good chance that will happen.

We learned from some classmates that their application was denied because they didn’t have a landline phone. Not VOIP, not through the cable service, but an old-timey Baby Bell phone.  Oh, and by the way, we were specifically told during our training that this was no longer a requirement.

If that happens, we’ll call Bell, get the landline, then get the fire marshall to verify that it’s traceable to 911 and then resubmit the paperwork and wait for an approval. We really hate it for our friends, but we were appreciative for the heads-up. We’re not really happy about the wrinkle, but we’re mentally ready for it should it arrive.

Otherwise, not much else going on. We did go to our first support/training meeting. And, we’re going to an annual training in April, but that’s about all. I’ll write about both later and will share any news that comes up!


About Andrew Sawyer

I'm a foster-adoptive dad that is raising two incredibly awesome boys with my super-talented wife and trusty beagle while trusting God to provide the strength and knowledge for each step of the way.
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