A Phrase. A Scream. A Wink. — A Glimpse of Redemption.

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Getting to our Good Friday service was a journey, but also a picture of His redemptive work.

“We all tend to filter our lives,” said my pastor during Good Friday service. We share the great moments, but don’t divulge the imperfect parts. And, while it’s true for everyone, we foster parents are the worst.

Some of it comes from experience. Maybe we’ve shared vulnerably about a tough moment, and the person couldn’t handle it. Or worse, they throw it back. Who among us hasn’t heard, “You did choose this after all.”  Continue reading

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Gut Checking Guilt

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Guilt is like a black cloud obscuring the sunny day.

Sticks and stones may break bones, says the familiar playground rhyme. While words may never hurt, (that’s a lie) guilt can gut punch event the strongest individual.

I’ve had several conversations about guilt this weekend. All related in some way to the foster/adoption journey, but each involving other parts of our daily lives. The common thread is the intense negativity of guilt. Continue reading

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Toilet Tank Thinking

Photo Jan 23, 21 23 09Let’s talk about the potty, shall we? There are three things the toilet tank should never be. Continue reading

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3 Reasons I Foster (And Adopted)

Just finished this week’s This Is Us family therapy session. (The best show on TV in years.) There’s a joke in my house that I don’t like to feel the feels. Well, tonight’s episode brought all the feels. Continue reading

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Sweet Home Alabama

We didn’t know that our trip to Alabama last year was going to be the start of our new foster care journey. In fact, we didn’t know the trip would be one of the most important in our lives.  Continue reading

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