My Heros Are Short

Stupid iPhone. I almost missed it trying to get the thing unfroze as I was attempting to take a video for mom. But, I looked up just in time to see a basketball leave his hands and bounce off the backboard into the net. His face looked shocked, as if he never thought it would go in.  Continue reading

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When Time Stands Still

Matching my boys’ socks is one of the worst chores ever. A task from laundry purgatory. Endless sizes, multi-colored stains of heaven only knows and enough subtle differences to make you doubt reality. And half have no match. Continue reading

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Support: Fuel For The Journey

Recently, I was part of a conversation with several families on the foster/adoption journey. All mentioned the thing that discouraged them the most was a feeling that they were in this alone.

This shouldn’t be. At the least, we should be moved with compassion at the knowledge of children being abused, neglected and abandoned in our society. At most, we should take James’ command to help the widows and orphans seriously. Continue reading

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Busting the “Rotten Kid” Myth

Years ago when we were starting our foster care journey, a mentor took me in his office and closed the door. “I’m really not understanding why you want to do this,” he said. “Those kids are in care of the state for a reason. They’re only going to grow up to be bad kids.”  Continue reading

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The Sun Is Up! An Adventure in Respite Care

“The Sun is Up! It’s Time to Play.” Those are jarring words. Especially at 6:XX in the morning. In hour house, 6 something doesn’t need any more numbers. Too doggone early. But this week, the little bitty package shouting those words caused us not to care. Continue reading

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